Storage & Maintenance

Welcome to Okanagan Lake dry storage and maintenance, your destination for reliable boat storage solutions. We specialize in both indoor (dry storage not heated) and outdoor storage options, ensuring your boat/seadoos are safeguarded all year round. Whether you decide on indoor or outdoor storage we also provide professional shrink wrapping, providing an extra layer of protection against the winter elements. Additionally, we offer thorough winterization packages that encompass engine maintenance, fluid draining, and more, guaranteeing your boat is in top shape for the colder months.

But that’s not all – with us, your boat can be stored all winter long, and when summer arrives, we’ll ensure a seamless transition. We’ll drop your boat in the water, ready for your adventures, while also providing secure storage for your trailer throughout the summer months. Trust us to keep your investment safe, well-maintained, and always ready for your next aquatic journey.




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